Film Music

Pupils learn how to compose effective film music through a variety of listening tasks and video’s. They will also learn how to use garageband on the ipads.

Film Composition

Pupils use garageband to compose their own music to fit with the opening sequence of the film Wall-E


Parody Songs

Pupils learn what a parody song is and how to write suitable lyrics for one.

Write and perform their own parody songs in groups.



Pupils learn about the musical features and history of reggae and learn how to play some Bob Marley songs as well as writing lyrics for their own reggae songs.

Perform a Reggae Song

Pupils learn Buffalo Soldier or Three Little Birds individually or in groups.

Composing a Reggae Song

Over a simple backing pupils write their own lyrics for a reggae song.

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Year 9

In Year 9 students make choices as to the subjects they study in key stage 4 (Years 10 and 11). Therefore the skills, knowledge and understanding that is required is much closer to that of key stage 4, to help students consider if a subject is "for them"…

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