During this term students will learn basic vocabulary to introduce themselves and talk about family, pets and their age.

  • Greetings
  • Alphabet
  • Phonics
  • Days of the week
  • Objects in school bag/ classroom
  • Numbers 1-31
  • Family members
  • Talking about pets.
  • Give information about their birthday and age.

Vocabulary tests.

Spelling tests.


The main aim of this term is to increase student understanding of grammar and sentence structure so that they can describe themselves more fully.

  • Describing yourself and others
  • Plural adjectival agreement
  • Making colours agree with nouns
  • Personal physical descriptions – eyes and hair
  • Using tener and ser in the he/she form
  • Basic descriptions of personality traits

Students will use the skills and vocabulary learn in order to complete a listening test in which student will listen to key vocabulary to complete different tasks.

Project based written work “Mi vida” (My life). Students will complete a written project talking about themselves and their family.


The aim of this term is to learn how to conjugate regular verbs, understand how to use adjectives and to use what they have learnt to give opinions.

  • School subjects
  • Using –ar verbs
  • Talking about what you do in class
  • Using –er and –ir verbs
  • Talking about your teachers
  • Making adjectival agreements
  • Giving opinions and reasons
  • Learning the time
  • Ordering food and drink.
  • Asking for price.

Students will complete a speaking and reading test.

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