Transition unit and study of Beowulf (novel)

Students will work on reading skills to follow up transition work:

  • using PEA effectively
  • vocabulary work
  • historical and cultural context
  • how writers achieve effects

Writing skills focus on writing for different purpose and genre

Analysis of writer’s language use.

Creative writing, including writing own children’s story and pieces which subvert genre.

Opportunities for speaking and listening to be assessed as discussion work and P4C enquiries, hot seating.


Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet)

Students will

  • work on analytical writing,
  • think about historical context, character and creative writing
  • learn summary writing skills.

Non-fiction study (focusing on the Titanic)

Students will study historical context and features of non-fiction writing and how to produce them for purpose and genre. They will work on comprehension skills.


cross-curricular core skills project

Analytical writing, monologue and diary writing for written assessment. and performance and hot seating assessments for speaking and listening.

Writing in a variety of forms of non-fiction to be assessed for writing skills e.g. newspaper and magazine articles, autobiographical writing and letter writing.

Speaking and listening opportunities include hot-seating and P4C enquiry.

Cambridge Progression test covering key skills learnt.


Novel study (Private Peaceful)

Study of novel including social and historical context of WWII. Character study, writer’s techniques

Preparation for Year 7 Litfest.

Analytical writing, descriptive writing and speech writing.

Speaking and listening opportunities for assessment will include hot-seating and dramatic performance including of monologue.

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