Elements of Music

Pupils learn about the basic building blocks of Music through performing, listening and composing.

Four Chords

Learning the basic four chord pop song sequence on keyboard/ukulele

Performing Changing Places

Pupils will learn the piece ‘Changing Places’ on the keyboard and tuned percussion and record their performance


Song Writing

Building on the four chords students will now look at writing lyrics and singing these over the four chords.

Manx Music

Looking at Manx Folk Music and learning about the instruments.

Writing your own lyrics

Pupils will write their own lyrics in a group and record this over a four chord backing

Performing a Manx Folk Tune

Pupils will learn a Manx Folk Tune on the keyboard or their own instrument


South American Music

Learning about the music from different parts of South America.

Performing Pieces of Tango and Salsa

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Year 7

The subject content that is taught in Y7 can be found below. It builds upon the skills, knowledge and understanding already developed at primary school. Our curriculum, however, is much broader and attempts to help young people develop the skills and att…

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