Unit 1: History Skills

  • Understanding time – the difference between BC and AD
  • Chronology
  • Recognising different types of evidence
  • Recognising the difference between Primary and Secondary sources
  • Reliability of sources – fact versus fiction
  • Placing historical events into different categories
  • Anachronisms

Unit 2: Isle of Man Through Time

  • Stone Age Mann
  • Celts and Vikings
  • Pagan Lady

Unit 1 Assessment:

Year 7 baseline assessment on History Skills.

Skills: Knowledge, Chronology.

SPRING Unit 2: Isle of Man Through Time (cont)
  • Medieval Mann
  • Illium Dhone – Hero or traitor?
  • Reinvestment
  • Island at War – WWI&WWII
  • Island of barbed wire -Internment
  • Sleepy fishing village to biggest dance hall in Europe! - Tourism on the Isle of Man


  • Cross curricular core skills project

Unit 2 Assessment:

Pagan lady Assessment

Skills: Cause and Consequence, Interpretation.

Unit 2 Assessment:

Illium Dhone – Hero or traitor? (Enquiry)

Skills: Interpretation, understanding evidence.

Unit 3: Group project on Vikings on the Isle of Man and their impact on present day island life

Unit 3 Assessment:

What did the Vikings in Mann ever do for us? Group assessment.

Skills- Chronology, interpretation and significance, change and continuity.

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