• Introduction and dictionary skills
  • Greetings, alphabet
  • Numbers to 21, J’ai …ans, avoir with je/tu/il/elle
  • Days, months, dates
  • Family members
  • Physical Descriptions
  • School subjects and giving opinions, time and school in France -
  • Er verbs - je/tu/il/elle
  • C’est
  • Questions
  • Connectives and intensifiers
  • Hobbies (Verbs: “to play” / “to do” / “to go”.)

Various vocabulary tests.

Listening test

Reading test

Writing test

SPRING Weather

  • More free-time activities
Where I live

  • Understand places in town
  • Understand which amenities a town has and hasn’t got
  • Understand people’s opinions about the town/village where they live.
Opinions about where I live

  • Rooms in the house
  • Places in town, directions
  • Verb ‘aller’.

Various vocabulary tests.

Written Project on module 2 (my school) and module 3 (my hobbies).


The weekend / future plans

Close future with some activities (au/à la/à l’/chez/à+town) what you can do, and what you want to do (vouloir) and what you can do (pouvoir),

La Francophonie

Various vocabulary tests.

End of year project.

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Year 7

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