Year 7 is seen as a TEACHING and LEARNING year.

The aim is to make sure a common art language is understood by all. The teacher will make sure skills are introduced, and students gain confidence in their abilities and understand importance of involvement in their education.

Projects are open-ended and allow the teacher to develop projects to the reflect the abilities and skills of the group.

Homework is used to support the learning in lessons ie drawings at home or are used to give students imagery to work from when developing work ie Collage.

Students will be given access to a range of skills dependent on the teachers specialism.

  • BASIC SKILLS – Van Gogh and mark making

Students begin Yr 7 with a course aimed to develop a curiosity in art. Through exploring the work of Van Gogh students will sample different media before focusing on paint. Colour mixing and mark making are encouraged before a final painting is produced.

  • Observational drawing: Shoe
  • Observational drawing: A pair of shoes drawing
  • Research skills: Van Gogh
  • Control of paint: mark making
  • Final painting -

Projects now focus on the subject teachers specialism.

2D - Graphics – Stamp design

2D work is encouraged through Graphics and Stamp design. Focus is given to exploring illuminated lettering and understanding the design process.

Stamp design is encouraged and media is explored to encourage students to gain skills in a selection of media.

Final piece is developed into string print.


  • CERAMICS – Animal forms

Ceramics is explored through the project Animals and natural forms

Students are led through the design and make process exploring natural forms and animals.

Basic construction skills are taught and applied to the students 3d ceramic item.

POMPEII PROJECT – Roman art, mosaics

  • Observational drawing: envelope and stamp (developing tone)
  • Gathering skills: Collage
  • Print: string

  • Observational drawing: Natural forms (developing tone)
  • Gathering skills: Collage of natural forms
  • Ceramic skills: Make a ceramic animal.
  • Imagination – Natural forms or toys

Students final project in Yr 7 explores imagination and gives the students confidence to dream and explore their imaginative ideas.

Exploring artists becomes more important and teachers may use Burgman, Rousseau, Bosch and Matisse.

Students are encouraged to developing design skills through inquisitive investigation.

Within this project several skills will be explored such as exploring composition, scale, repeat, and symmetry.

Paper collage and craft knife skills are used to encourage control.

Final piece reflect the skills taught

  • Observational drawing: Toys or Flowers (Marks awarded for demonstrating skills -Line/ tone/ texture)
  • Research into artist
  • Gathering – Collage of imagery
  • Idea development
  • Final piece – Print, paint, or pen.

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